Tomoko Matsuoka, a next generation artist, will participate in Salon Art Shopping Paris, a leading French art fair held at the Louvre from October 22 (Fri.) to 24 (Sun.), 2012. In addition, crowdfunding has started on August 30 (Mon).

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  • Overview of “Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021”.

 Tomoko Matsuoka (Matsuoka) is an artist who specializes in improvisational, inspiration-based depictions of people and the intentions of her subjects. The “Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021,” in which Matsuoka will exhibit, will be held at the Carrousel de Louvre, a large commercial facility directly connected to the Louvre by an underground passageway, from October 22 (Fri.) to 24 (Sun.), 2021. The exhibition will be held from Friday, October 22 to Sunday, October 24, 2021.

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Place : Carrousel du Louvre

Date: October 22, 2021 (Fri) to October 24 (Sun)

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ルーヴル美術館ピラミッドの真下に位置する「サロン・アート・ショッピング・パリ」会場エントランスMatsuoka will exhibit the following two works at “Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021”, which is located at the entrance of the “Salon Art Shopping Paris” just below the Louvre Pyramid.

  • Exhibits

 This time, the two works of yin and yang are the highest level of “Yaojin Tenmei” (the black glaze on the inner side of the tea bowl is characterized by the occasional star-like spots), which is used in the tea ceremony.
 The work is based on the concept of “the mystery of chaos, yin and yang, and the universe”.
We are looking forward to experiencing this work with our customers in the field.



  • With Tomoko Matsuoka, a next generation artist [The Zoom background painting project that became the starting point

 In May 2020, when teleworking with the Corona disaster began in earnest, Matsuoka began abstracting his personal intentions (values, qualities, future goals, etc.) through live painting while conversing with others via Zoom. The number of participants is over 70.
 The original abstract paintings were sent to the purchasers, of course, but the image data was also sent so that it could be used as a virtual background for Zoom. In addition, many of the purchasers had no previous experience of purchasing art, and this provided them with an opportunity to experience art.

 Through this process, the reputation of Matsuoka’s paintings spread by word of mouth through SNS, and more than 60 people, mainly entrepreneurs and business leaders, participated in the project. This Zoom background painting project has become one of the foundations of Matsuoka as a contemporary artist.

Zoom Background Painting Project Official Website

松尾恵梨子様作品Work for Eriko Matsuo

  • Launching Crowdfunding – We want to start our overseas activities with an exhibition at the Louvre

 This time, we decided to conduct a crowdfunding campaign in the hope that everyone in Japan will witness Matsuoka’s challenge and feel even a small sign of hope for recovery from the Corona disaster.

Matsuoka will use this opportunity to expand his activities overseas.

The very first foreign country I visited was France. It has been a year since I started my expressive activities. I was given the opportunity to work in France, and I feel that I am starting my second life as a global artist again from France.
I was having a hard time fitting in with the people around me and was going through a difficult time as a student when I saw a sunset in France that saved my life. At that time, I was very immature and lonely and did not know how to connect with society and friends.

After seeing the sunset, my previous worries about my existence were separated from my loneliness, and I felt like I was living a completely different life, even though only five minutes had passed before and after I saw the sunset.
In December 2019, I was struggling with a lot of things that changed my life again (I failed to start a business and didn’t know what I was supposed to do, I was dumped by my significant other, etc.). When I thought about what my true nature was, I found that it was my artistic activities. When I thought about what my true nature was, I found art.

And in 2020, more and more people around the world will have to make a complete change in their lives.

It was in this context that I was given the opportunity to work in France. It was a life-changing moment that I witnessed once again, and I believe that France is a good match for me as the first starting line for my artistic activities as a Japanese person who will be active on a global scale.