The article about Matsuoka’s solo exhibition at Meguro Museum was published by “GoGai NET Meguro-ku”, a media that provides information about Meguro-ku!

An exhibition to unveil the artworks drawn up at the art fair “Salon Art Shopping Paris” in Paris was held from December 8 (Wed) to 12 (Sun), 2021 at the Meguro Museum of Art’s Kumin Gallery.

They’ve covered each work in detail and written an article about it for us, so take a look!

Article is here↓
【目黒区】目黒区美術館 区民ギャラリーで開催された「Tomoko Matsuoka 2021 Paris 」へ、松岡智子さんの熱量に触れてきました | 号外NET 目黒区