The flagship store of yuhaku Ginza Gallery (Location: Ginza Kyoya Building 1F, 3-10-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a company that develops the hand-dyed leather brand “yuhaku”. (Location: Ginza Kyoya Building, 1st floor), the flagship store of Yuhaku Co.

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Personal Exhibition “Nyoronyoro Guru Guru – Nyoronyoro is Life and the Universe”

Based on the concept of “Space and Life” inspired by leather, he expressed how many lives are circulating through the rebirth of “leather”. Also, with her unique sensibility of feeling “universe and life” from the characteristic gradation of yuhaku, she depicted the circulation of time with the theme of birth and death of stars in the universe.

We create each piece with the idea that “by becoming leather, we can live together for a longer time than the original life time of living things.

The exhibition period is from 1/8(Sat) to 1/19(Wed).
During the period, she will be selling her personal works as well as collaborative items and live painting.

Matsuoka and yuhaku

yuhaku is a brand that has changed my life. when I first came across a yuhaku wallet, I couldn’t leave the spot because of its beautiful blue color. It was like seeing a painting in a museum and not being able to move from there. Since I bought the wallet, which I call a work of art, I carry it around with me, look at it whenever I have time, and sleep with it under my pillow.

One day, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would look like if I painted this beautiful blue, so I picked up a brush. I wasn’t sure if it was right to do this, but more than anything, I respected the work as an artist and wanted to make it even better with my own hands.

Looking back, it was probably because of that intense encounter where I was strongly attracted to something and the creative adventure of adding my hand to that work that I was able to take my first steps as an artist.

I hope that as many people as possible will see this solo exhibition with the brand that changed my life!