I’ve been interviewed about my activities as an artist, and this is the first time I’m going to appear live on TV! I’m very honored to be featured in many media, but this is the first time for me to appear live on TV, so I’m very nervous.


date and time:7/22 21:30-22:00
program (e.g. TV):TV Saitama News 930 plus

This time, we were interviewed about our past activities mainly on the 100th anniversary of Kawagoe City.

For this interview

What has “co-creation” brought to the city as an artistic activity? My style of production is not one in which I stay in my studio and work in silence.

There are people, and everyone has their own expression, and that becomes further inspiration for the artist Matsuoka, and the art is completed again. It’s not even a play on words per se.

“A work that wouldn’t exist if you weren’t there.”

That’s how I create my work. I am there to witness, and sometimes intervene with the artist.

“You were there.”

I want to confirm the fact that I am the one who says “I am the one who wills it”. In this way, I want to “materialize the will” of various human beings. That is my “will”.

The other day, I was suddenly reflecting on what I have envisioned since the beginning of my artistic career. I have continued to work on the theme of “the embodiment of the will.

Why does he choose to be there now with his will among various choices for ZOOM background paintings, which can be called his life’s work?

And where does the person’s “will” go? It’s so beautiful that I can’t help but draw it, it’s my source of inspiration.

Beautiful is not necessarily beautiful colors, clear colors, or vivid colors, but the way a person’s self is exposed, and that is what moves me, and to me that is the expression “beautiful.

There have been attempts to make abstract paintings of various things in the history of art. My work is an abstract painting, but it is also a figurative painting that depicts the person himself/herself. I make a figurative painting of what is in the person.

I am currently exploring the expression that exists within me in the form of live painting performances. There will be more news to come, so please look forward to it.

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