Combining with technology was one of my big dreams as a science graduate. I am truly grateful to the many people who have worked so hard to make it a reality.

Technology x Art I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m going to realize it at Wacom.

An attempt to relive the act of “painting” through hearing by extracting, processing and reconstructing the sounds produced by the brushstrokes of Tomoko Matsuoka, who paints live with her whole body and soul. What colors will the unstable rhythm created by the repetition of past brushstrokes and the sound design of splashes of water reflecting diffusely around the venue lead us to? An experimental session by Tomoko Matsuoka, who expresses improvised art on the theme of the embodiment of will, and Motoi Fukuda, a musician who pursues a musical experience that can only be experienced on the spot.


Time:19:15 – 19:45

Matsuoka Comment

1. have humans really evolved since their origins?
2. has digital technology really contributed to human creativity?

Wacom asked us these questions, and we discussed them as a team and were able to create a single work of art.

What if when you started art, when there was no Midjourney, you could learn Picasso or Van Gogh and be able to paint the same picture? What if you could learn an artist and be able to paint the same picture?

I was thinking about those questions.

Even if we assume that it is human beings who have the desire to draw, if the information is controlled by all kinds of social networking services, where did even this “desire to draw” that I have in mind come from? Algorithms may have already hacked even human creativity.

I hope that this event will be a session that can provide one answer to the theme of “creativity”.

We hope you enjoy the new sensory experience.

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