An attempt to relive the act of “painting” through hearing by extracting, processing and reconstructing the sounds produced by the brushstrokes of Tomoko Matsuoka, who paints live with her whole body and soul. What colors will the unstable rhythm created by the repetition of past brushstrokes and the sound design of splashes of water reflecting diffusely around the venue lead us to? An experimental session by Tomoko Matsuoka, who expresses improvised art on the theme of the embodiment of the will, and musician Motoi Fukuda, who pursues a musical experience that can only be experienced on the spot.

Chilling …. The work which is made to be a work of art was born.

Augmenting the sound of live painting and making it ring through the venue.

Performing in front of countless people.

Is it a stage or art? Something thrilling was born in a place beyond the formality of live painting.

Thank you to all the many spectators!

For 40 minutes, it was such a “quiet” experience, as if some big vortex was being created.

It is silent, yet the sounds and colors are intense. But strangely enough, it is the “silence” that comes to the viewer’s mind. What is this? I have been looking for this for a long, long time. Life and death, breakdown and rebuild, repeat, repeat, repeat. …. The space between the madness. I think I was having too much fun singing along the way.

I can’t stop the creepiness: …..

This was one of the biggest events in the artist’s history. The stage production, the preparation… My friends and I finally made it this far! And high-five. After the show, I high-fived with everyone.

What a rich, rich time.

I was so moved when everyone said that the way I was high-fiving everyone was the world I wanted to see… I couldn’t have created such a big stage by myself. I’m so grateful to everyone.

I want to express a lot of emotion, impulse, abundance, in a bigger place in a bigger world!!!

Personally, I feel like I’ve benefited a lot from the contemporary dance and actor experiments that I’ve been doing a bit recently.

And, I want Tomoko Matsuoka to appear this time! Thank you, Dai-chan, for working with us to get Tomoko Matsuoka out!

There were many such miraculous moments.

Thank you so much to everyone who watched and helped!

PHOTO hase

Tomoko Matsuoka’s performance is here.

12/1 fashion show

12/17 Double bass session with Mr. Cheng Shima, a cancer survivor – Art that exists only in that moment

12/22 Live painting session
and more…!

I will have a solo exhibition and a performance at the beginning of the year.

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