KREVA and 9mm parabellum bullet will be on the stage to showcase the groove of live paint on stage. The heat of the venue will be expressed as “embodiment of will” 1000 days before the Osaka Expo.

I’ll be at festivals. “I want people to feel the same emotional highs and lows of live painting as they do at a music concert.” This is my wish as well.


Date: 7/23(Sat)24(Sun)
Time: 7/23(Sat) 12:00-13:00
Place: Osaka University Minoh Campus
Fee: Free admission (some charged contents available)

I used to be in a band and I love music and live performances. So when I paint live, I always have the groove of a live performance in mind.

There is an unspoken storm of emotion that comes from music being in that space.

The venue becomes one and the whole atmosphere there becomes a work of art Kiritori…. And the live show is only for that day, that place, that time….The venue becomes one and the whole atmosphere there becomes a work of art Kiritori…. And the live show is only for that day, that place, that time….

Art that exists precisely because you were there.

Music came into my life and made my life completely different.

Actually, I hardly understood music until I was in high school. I had no interest in popular music or the background music that was playing in the streets. I was like that. I took piano lessons, but in the end, what I was doing was the same as now, listening to the assigned pieces and making pictures out of them. Then when I was in high school, I met a band, and I realized that everyday life was filled with music, and that music can touch people’s hearts so much. Sometimes it can even hurt people. If I hadn’t met that music at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to meet such a precious feeling.

Music and Works of Art

My work is often bought by people who have never bought art before. Buying art for the first time. I wondered what it would be like for them to have that experience. I think it enriches one’s life tremendously, just like the moment “music” enters one’s life, one more genre of art moves one’s emotions. The moment art enters your life, your perception of the world will change and you will realize that art exists everywhere.

Looking at distant goals, but it’s also important to enjoy every day of your life. I’m really happy that I have people who walk with me through it. That’s why I want to respond to them with my performance.

Thank you so much to everyone who has always supported me. It is thanks to all of you that I am able to face my work.

It’s not a work that can only be made by one person, but the feeling of living a life that can only be lived by one person, with everyone else. I have one more project, so I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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