Portrait of Tomoko Matsuoka

Tomoko Matsuoka

B.A., Japan Women’s University, M.A., University of Tokyo
Started artistic activities in 2020

Since her childhood, she has had a duality of overconcentration and impulsiveness, and has drawn both visible and invisible things, either realistically or abstractly.
He is not good at talking to people, so instead he has an intense habit of observing from the outside.

While working for a company as a member of society, she realized once again that her starting point was “expression based on observation” and began her artistic activities in 2020.
While creating art independently, she has a strong awareness of the fact that it is becoming more difficult for individuals to express themselves as the world shifts to online.

He decided to talk with individuals online, observe them, and express his inspirations as abstract paintings/zoom backgrounds. As a result, I received orders from 60 people.

As a result of this project, he received orders from 60 people for a fee. This was the beginning of his recognition as a painter, and his first solo exhibition was attended by 120 people.

Currently, while responding to individual requests for creation and exhibition, he is also working on overseas development and co-creation with artists.




Zoom Art

Make Your Own Art as a Zoom Background

The Only Art We Will Ever Create Together

Through online sessions, you and I will create a single work of art together.

Live painting allows us to create a work of art together, with me doing the brushwork and you doing the talking.

DrawingZoom Art 1Zoom Art 2Zoom Art 3Zoom Art 4Zoom Art 5Zoom Art 6


Main Solo Exhibitions

2021.1 個展「zoom背景画展」, 東京 日本
2020.11 個展『表現の気持ちよさ』

Main Group Exhibitions

2021.10 Salon Art Shopping Paris, Paris France
2020.12 Independent Tokyo, 東京 日本

Public Collection

虎ノ門ヒルズ CIC Tokyo様


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