We were featured in Kawagoe City’s public relations magazine “Kouhou Kawagoe”.

Tomoko Matsuoka is an artist from Kawagoe City who became an artist after working as a company employee for seven years. When she was a student, she was a science major and did not do any art-related activities, but after participating in a live painting event, she decided to become an artist. Currently, she is also involved in online art, where she creates art on the spot that suits the person he’s talking to over Zoom. The virtual background of Zoom, which tends to be monotonous, has become more colorful, and the spread of telework at Corona Vortex has also helped to spread Matsuoka’s artwork. In October, Mr. Matsuoka achieved her goal of exhibiting her work in Paris, France. You can see more of Matsuoka’s work on her website. I love Kawagoe, so I want to draw the Kawagoe Festival,” says Matsuoka. We look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

広報川越1478 11月号