Fencing Epee Gold Medal ✨🥇

The first abstract painting I did in my life was actually Nanami Ohta.

That Nanami Ohta, who was involved in the analysis, won the gold medal in the Men’s Fencing Epee! He won the gold medal!

See Nanami’s article here

And there’s a gold medal in this abstract painting of Nanami-chan as a model!

I depicted the fight for the sun (gold medal), including good, bad, and various challenges, sometimes with blood splatter. (I forgot the detailed nuances.)


In fencing competitions, too, the role of an analyst is to analyze the data, collaborate with the coach, and link it to various activities to win. Nanami was playing such an important role.


The Olympic Games are made possible by the support of so many people, not just the athletes, but really, really, really many people. …. I want you to know that too!


The secret story of how I started painting


When I was helping with a fencing data analysis event, I met Mr. Ohta and Kanazawa Satoshi

After the event, I became friends with Kanazawa-san, and we had a great conversation at the cafe.

Mr. Kanazawa asked me, “Can you draw Mr. Ohta (the analyst)? That’s when I started abstracting people before the ZOOM background. (It might be fun to do live painting at events! (It would be fun to do it as a live painting at an event!

At that time, I had never drawn any pictures at all, so I said yes to …. (I’m not sure why, but I believed I could draw…)

“Oh, I think I can draw!” At that moment, a picture came into my mind. Matsu: “Something like this, bash! Sizzle! It’s like, boom! (It’s a circle.) !!!!!”

Gold “”


Gold “Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but I get it: !!!! Can you draw that for me?”

Matsu: “Okay! I’ll draw it today!” I said, and we parted ways. But I didn’t have any tools, so I quickly googled art supply stores and went to Shibuya to buy canvas, paints, and everything else.


One of my most treasured words is probably one that I heard from Taizo Son

“If you want to make ramen, first cook tonkotsu (pork bone)”

There is a saying, “If you want to make ramen, first cook tonkotsu.


I panicked because I didn’t know what kind of brushes or paints to use. But inside my head, I was rather excited and in a bad state. ….

“Are you sure it’s acrylic? I seem to remember using them in middle school…?”

That’s about right.

I’ve never used glue (nikawa: gelatin from cows and pigs, a painting medium) or calcium carbonate before, but it hit the spot and I bought it.

I asked him how to use it on the spot, and then I went home and just blurted out my thoughts on the piece

“Quiet Passion”

It was. It was a gold medal that was painted on it. I don’t know what it was, but something shiny painted in gold (plus a deep green) like the sun came to mind and I couldn’t help but draw it.


I showed it to Kanazawa-san, and he said, “Let’s do live painting at the Sports Data Analyst event on 2020/02/01! And that was that.


Sports Analytics Japan 2020 was the first time in my life that I did live painting.

The first time in my life was in front of other people… and then I was offered a series of live painting opportunities…


I’m really happy about this gold medal…I’m so happy! Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Ohta!


Continue to create your own paintings of the future ✨


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