We are currently running an online exhibition based on our activities in Paris.
We hope that you will take this opportunity to experience Matsuoka’s experience in Paris with us.

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Before and after I went to France, the scenery in me changed.

In 2021, less than a year after I started painting. Although I was only a company employee, I was invited to the art fair Salon Art Shopping Paris. I felt as if I was invited to Chambord Castle, where I had memories of my childhood, and I wanted to know what I would want to paint there now that I had the means of painting.

As a result, this art fair exhibition project was crowdfunded in advance, and the total amount of support was 3,029,480 yen (achievement rate 252%), 172 supporters and 25 local supporters, which is unthinkably huge for a personal project.

In France, I stayed in Paris for about three weeks and worked in four places including Chambord Castle. I shared many of my experiences with my crowdfunding supporters and everyone around me in real time through the internet at the time of my stay.

Some of them called me crying and said, “I thought I could do more after seeing my activities. Some of my old friends called me crying saying so. Through such time, I feel I have grasped what it means to be an artist.

I created this book so that you can relive those memories of mine. I would be happy if you can feel something when you pick up this art book.

Tomoko Matsuoka 2021.11.21

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