One woman who thought “I will be happy after marriage, and I can make the people around me happy” realized “I am the one who makes me happy” because she went through the choice of marriage. That leads to happiness for those around me. And people can be happy from any moment. The artist Tomoko Matsuoka will depict this in her live performance.

Tomoko Matsuoka, an artist and social network artist who has been working on “Embodiment of Will”, will challenge a new fashion painting, “live painting on a woman in a wedding dress”.

What Tomoko Matsuoka and Masuho Emi want to portray through “Co-Creation” this time

“If I get married, if I become somebody, if I do something, I’ll be happy, I’ll make everyone around me happy.”

When did we start to think this way? Does that mean we really believe in our “will”?

Tomoko Matsuoka has been expressing the will that dwells there as art through “co-creation”. She has expressed the will of the individual and the town that dwells there on the canvas of “fashion” in Paris, France and temples in Japan.

On the other hand, Masuho Emi, the owner of the wedding dress and the model for this project, was inspired to paint the wedding dress filled with memories she had on hand after meeting Matsuoka. She says that this project made her rethink about her married life, divorce, and career change as a fashion stylist. It was a process in which Emi made her own willful decisions about her own life.

Can I be happy from this moment on, from me who has got nothing?

This live painting is a challenge itself to step out into further unknown happiness by adding new layers of paint on top of the existence of the wedding dress, which is a symbol of the purest white and most beautiful moment. The morning glow of the beach, the venue of the event, represents the world gradually changing with the morning sun as you yourself step forward from the darkness of the dawn. However, the truth is that even without a symbol like the sun, when you take a step forward it is a new time, the beginning of a new day. At any time, from that moment on, people can be reborn.

We hope that everyone who comes to the concert will be able to feel and experience the special moment of what can be seen only after letting go of the general values and the happiness expected by the people around. Please join us in witnessing the birth of a work that can only be depicted at this moment in time. Being present at this moment is what co-creation is all about.

↓ Published in PR Times.

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