The pre-event for the 100th anniversary of the Kawasaki City GovernmentKawasaki Festival for Everyone has come to a close.

Thank you to all the City Hall staff and management staffthank you.

About 300 meters of public road was stopped and an unusual and different space was created.

Even though it was unusual, everyone’s vision was in their minds and everyone, including citizens,event was enjoyed in many ways, including by citizens.

The audience, the staff, the shop, the artists, the many The artists, the shops, the artists, the many people involved, all in what seems like just one day, concentrated festival✨

We put it all together and made an event where everyone left with a smile on their faceThe management made it happen!

I was one of those live painting on the mayor’s clothes.

I thought from the preliminary interviews and heart and will from 100 years in the futureand gently dropped them into the work.

In the conversation with the mayor afterwards, he talked about the future and the flow of people coming together, leaving and returning through the city of Kawasaki. line-break=”true”>The flow of people gathering, leaving, and returningthrough the city of Kawasaki wasvery enjoyable.

Ahead of the new government building opening tomorrow,I spent a lot of time concentrating on how to paint the citizens, the mayor, the government building, and in between, as it is. Thank you to all the viewers.

Thank you to everyone who came from afar to support us…Thank you also to photographer Becchi for Thank you for all your wonderful photos✨They cut through the air and arevery moving.Thank you
to everyone who came from afar to support us…
Thank you also to photographer Becchi for Thank you for all your wonderful photos✨
They cut through the air and are
very moving.

Finally, the always smiling Izumi-san and Kazuki-sanwe were able to work together on the project and I would be very happy if I could add a little flower. After all, it is because we were able to talk to each other that we were able to create this work. Thank you very much for your efforts to take the time to meet with us.

Dear Kawasaki City,Congratulations once again on your 100th anniversarynext year.

The secretariat will respond to you.

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